Why Collagen Peptides & Cacao Bliss Are A Powerful Duo (+ 6 Delicious Recipes!)

Why Collagen Peptides & Cacao Bliss Are A Powerful Duo (+ 6 Delicious Recipes!)

Cacao Bliss and Collagen Peptides are two potent mind and body boosters that are even better when used together! Cacao Bliss helps unlock your "Bliss Molecule" thanks to the ceremonial grade raw cacao and is packed with 10 superfoods to give you that “energized, yet calm” feeling. And Collagen Peptides support healthy joints, skin, hair, and immune function to keep your body strong throughout the day. Plus, they’re a delicious team! Just look at the appetizing Cacao Bliss and Collagen Peptides recipes below! *

Healthy Cacao And Collagen Recipes

Cacao Superfood Brownies

If you’re looking for the fudgiest, most decadent brownies of your life, these Cacao Superfood Brownies are for you. Like all the recipes on this list, they’re packed with wholesome ingredients and boosted with Cacao Bliss and Collagen Peptides

Frozen Hot Chocolate

If you want the taste of hot chocolate in the hot months of summer, this yummy Frozen Hot Chocolate recipe has you covered.

5-Minute Chocolate Protein Balls

Want a quick and tasty way to get a power-packed snack prepped up for the week? Give these 5-Minute Chocolate Protein Balls a try!

Chocolate Apple Protein Bars

These Chocolate Apple Protein Bars are a great snack to prep over the weekend and have on hand for your post-workout noshes or a mid-morning boost.

Ultimate Superfood Elixir

Sometimes, simple is best. And this Ultimate Superfood Elixir is proof. This blissful recipe combines all the health benefits of Collagen Peptides and Cacao Bliss in an indulgent drink you’re going to love.

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