Our Process

Our process is simple. We put Mother Earth first. It starts with sourcing sustainable ingredients and ends with providing much-needed support to cleaning the environment we all live in.


Our #1 priority at Earth Echo is to put Mother Earth first. That means using ingredients closest to nature as possible. We strive towards ensuring all of our products are organic and non-GMO. We also use ingredients that can be replenished quickly, providing more opportunities for local businesses, farmers, and surrounding towns and villages to prosper today, and well into the future.


We strive to choose manufacturers who guarantee areas in their processing facilities used for our products that are free from antibiotics, gluten, dairy, or anything which could impact the purity of our products. Each product is evaluated individually and labelled for your ease and convenience!


Did you know the majority of packaging is not able to be recycled? Even if you use the blue bin, 91% of everything you recycle is actually treated as garbage!

It's our mission at Earth Echo to use packaging that is 100% recyclable and sourced from Post-Consumer Recycled plastic. We're almost there!

From the bottles and lid material to the specific Adhesive Release washable glue we use for our labels, we're working towards 100% recyclable packaging. This is an Earth-forward method we're dedicated to incorporating into all our current and future product packaging.

Check back to see the progress we've made towards our goal!


Our "Plastic Positive" Pledge:

Did you know the average person consumes 185 lbs (84 kg) of plastic per year? As a company that produces products using post-consumer plastic, we're now ensuring the recovery of an equivalent or greater amount of ocean-bound plastic with Plastic Bank. We're also improving lives and uplifting communities while cleaning the environment.

Every $0.44 we contribute helps recover and recycle 2.2 lbs (1 kg) of ocean-bound plastic!

This is how we're leaving Mother Earth better than we found her.