Healthy Cacao Bliss Frozen Yogurt Cups

Healthy Cacao Bliss Frozen Yogurt Cups

Fall might be just around the corner but we aren’t quite ready to say “goodbye” to summer. To make sure we’re enjoying every last drop of summer vibes the season has to offer, we’re spending as much time outside as possible and whipping up sweet, easy to make treats like these Cacao Bliss Frozen Yogurt Cups! 

These healthy chocolate frozen yogurt cups are a new favorite of ours because they come together in minutes and can easily be made a day or two in advance. They’re the perfect option for end-of-summer barbecues and get-togethers. Plus, you can feel good about serving them to all your friends and family because they’re made with healthy ingredients and superfoods from Cacao Bliss

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The rich, ceremonial-grade cacao in Cacao Bliss creates a decadent, chocolatey treat that no one can resist. But the superfoods are what make this healthy dessert truly special. They’ll help you curb cravings, boost natural energy, support digestion, soothe occasional stress and anxiety, and satisfy your sweet tooth. Let’s see any store-bought dessert do that! *

This simple dessert recipe is easy to customize, too. We like it with our Cacao Granola or Chai Spiced Granola, but any healthy granola option will do. And feel free to change up the fruit, too! Berries are an easy option, but chopped stone fruit or pomegranate arils are also a fun twist. You can even sprinkle a bit of citrus zest for added flavor and color. Get creative with this recipe - that’s part of the fun! 

Healthy Cacao Bliss Frozen Yogurt Cups Recipe

No matter how you make them, they’re the perfect ode to the end of summer. So whip up a batch to share at your next party or potluck. Or keep them all to yourself and enjoy as a sweet treat at the end of the day. Just don’t forget to stock up on Cacao Bliss through the link below! 

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