Healthy Chocolate Strawberry Bliss Balls

Healthy Chocolate Strawberry Bliss Balls

While most of us around here love chocolate all the time, February seems to be the month where everyone celebrates their love for chocolate. Around Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to find recipes for any kind of chocolatey treat you can imagine. Chocolate lava cake. Chocolate brownies. Chocolate-dipped fruit. Chocolate cheesecake. And while it can be fun to make fancy chocolate desserts like that, what if you want a quick, healthy chocolate treat that’s quick to make but still decadent? These Chocolate Strawberry Bliss Balls have you covered. 

These simple energy bites are the perfect way to satisfy your chocolate cravings while also nourishing your body with wholesome food. This healthy dessert recipe calls for only 5 ingredients with a base made from almond butter and Cacao Bliss. It may not sound like much, but this simple combo creates a truly indulgent experience. Plus, the Cacao Bliss is packed with 10 powerful superfoods that help boost natural energy, support digestion, soothe occasional anxiety, curb pesky cravings, and help you feel satiated longer. *

But what makes these Chocolate Strawberry Bliss Balls extra appropriate this month is the coating of crushed freeze-dried strawberries! This combo hits all the right Valentine’s Day flavor notes. Plus, it makes these healthy bliss balls extra pretty. Whip up a batch or two today and show yourself a little extra love this season. 

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