7 Morning Habits To Reduce Stress All Day

7 Morning Habits To Reduce Stress All Day

Are you making the most of your mornings? Your morning routine helps set the tone for the rest of the day. So, if you’re waking up in a stressed out state and running around feeling frantic, hurried, and disorganized, there’s a good chance your body and mind are already experiencing that “fight or flight” response. And starting your day in that stressed state can quickly bleed into the rest of your day.

This is why it’s important to create a morning routine with healthy habits to reduce your morning stress. With just a few simple tweaks, you’ll feel relaxed, more confident, focused, and better prepared to handle the day ahead. Here are seven ways to reduce morning stress and bring a little calm back into your life.

7 Morning Habits To Reduce Stress

1. Get Organized The Night Before

Nothing is more stressful than waking up to last night’s dishes, lunches that have to be made, clothes that need to come out of the dryer, meetings you aren’t prepared for, etc etc. That’s why it’s best to get organized as much as you can the night before.

Take a look at your calendar for the next day and get everything you need prepared. Put out your clothes, clean up the kitchen, prepare your lunch, create reminders on your phone or on sticky notes plastered to the fridge or mirror. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes but a little planning goes a long way to alleviate stress.

2. Stop Hitting The Snooze Button

Hitting the snooze on your alarm is one more way to add stress to your morning. While it is tempting, that extra 5 to 10 minutes will not give you the deep restorative sleep you need. In fact, according to research, hitting the snooze actually activates the ‘fight or flight’ response, which increases your heart rate and blood pressure. 

Instead, change your waking alarm to music that gently lulls you out of your sleep. And if you find yourself hitting the snooze button too many mornings, then you need to re-think your sleep habits. Make sure you’re getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

3. Take Some Deep Breaths

Starting your day with a little deep breathing can reduce stress and increase focus. Deep breathing exercises are excellent anytime of the day but they’re particularly good in the morning. Try this easy technique called belly breathing.  

  • Sitting up straight or lying in a comfortable position, place one hand on your chest and the other hand on your belly.
  • Slowly inhale through the nose. Draw the air into your abdomen, feeling your belly rise, then into your lungs before allowing your breath to rise towards your collar bones.
  • Hold your breath for a moment, then exhale gently through your mouth. Use your abdominal muscles to squeeze all the air out. 
  • Continue this breathing pattern for a few minutes to cleanse your energy. Repeat throughout the day, as needed.

4. Stretch Your Body

It’s time to turn on your favorite tunes and stretch your muscles. Morning stretching helps increase flexibility, range of motion, blood flow, and reduces stress. In fact, research suggests that stretching increases serotonin levels, the hormone that reduces stress, and improves mood.

If you’re new to stretching, don’t go overboard. Stop when you feel a gentle stretch and then hold for about 15-30 seconds. As you get more comfortable with each stretch, increase the time to 60-seconds per position. Just make sure to listen to our body. If it hurts, stop! 

5. Rehydrate

Between sweating and respiration, you naturally lose a bit of water while you sleep. And sleeping for seven to eight hours is a long time to go without hydration. If you often wake up with a headache, dehydration could be the culprit. A big glass of water first thing in the morning is a great way to rehydrate your body. You could even add a little lemon to replenish electrolytes and cucumber to reduce swelling.

But here’s another way morning water can help you — it can improve your mood! According to research, allowing yourself to get dehydrated can leave you feeling a little tense. But increasing your water intake can actually lift your spirits.  

6. Give Yourself Time For A Morning Ritual

If your mornings already feel rushed, this may feel like a big ask. But giving yourself even 10-15 minutes to slow down, savor, reflect, and center before starting your day can make a huge difference. 

What your morning ritual looks like is completely up to you. Maybe it’s simply taking some quiet time to really be present in your body while you sip your morning coffee, tea, or Cacao Bliss. Maybe it’s taking 10 minutes to do some gratitude journaling. Or maybe it’s a short meditation followed by intention setting for the day. Morning rituals are an excellent way to clear your mind and decompress before a busy day.  

7. Swap Your Coffee For Something Healthier

Most people reach for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, and for good reason. It can act as a quick pick-me-up, temporarily lifting your energy and mood. But there’s a chance that hit of caffeine could be doing you more harm than good.  be your quick “pick-me-up” each morning, but it goes hand-in-hand with stress. 

In addition to a potential energy crash later in the day, caffeine can change how several hormones respond in the body. For instance:

  • Caffeine can increase levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. 
  • Caffeine also increases dopamine levels, which can make you feel good at first. But you’ll need more and more to recreate that same feeling — leading to a physical dependence.

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