Superfood Boosted Citrus Island Bliss Fruit Salad Recipe

Superfood Boosted Citrus Island Bliss Fruit Salad Recipe

Are you ready to make the most of all the gorgeous seasonal fruit summer has to offer? While summer fruit is always delicious just as it is, sometimes it’s fun to jazz things up a bit. Especially if you’re planning to bring a fruit salad to a party or BBQ. And this Citrus Island Bliss Fruit Salad is the perfect celebration of summer.

The nice thing about fruit salads is that you can use just about any combination of fruit you want. Seasonal fruit is always best, so use what’s available where you live! The Citrus Island Bliss dressing pairs beautifully with any fruit and adds just the right touch of sweet-tart flavor to let the fruit shine! Plus, the addition of Island Bliss in the dressing adds an extra superfood kick to this vibrantly nourishing fruit salad. Give this recipe a try and enjoy how tasty summer can be!

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I can’t wait to try this fruit salad. It would be great on my next potluck dinner with my friends. Thank you.

Karen Dixon

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