Secretly Healthy Chai Bliss Bar Cookies Recipe

Secretly Healthy Chai Bliss Bar Cookies Recipe

To celebrate the start of fall, we’re whipping up a batch of these Chai Bliss Bar Cookies! The warming spices in Chai Bliss are the perfect way to welcome the change in season and start getting into that cozy autumn state of mind. Plus, they’re a healthy treat you can enjoy without the guilt! *

Not only are these healthy bar cookies made with better-for-you ingredients like almond flour and coconut sugar, but the addition of Chai Bliss takes them to a whole new level. This superfood blend is packed with antioxidant-rich spices and natural nootropics to help give you a natural boost in energy and mental clarity when you need it most. *

These Chai Bliss Bar Cookies are the perfect afternoon snack when the afternoon slump and sugar cravings come calling. One bite and you’ll never believe they’re healthy! Grab a bag of Chai Bliss through the link below and give these cozy spiced bar cookies a try!

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