Healthy Tropical Bliss Nice Cream Recipe

Healthy Tropical Bliss Nice Cream Recipe

The summer solstice is upon us and it only feels right to celebrate with everyone’s favorite summer treat: ice cream! Of course, this is no normal ice cream. This Tropical Bliss Nice Cream is made with just a handful of wholesome ingredients that will actually help nourish your body. So you can enjoy a sweet treat this summer without the guilt!

Healthy “nice” cream is incredibly simple to make. Simply blend up the ingredients and then freeze until scoopable. The tropical fruits and delicious flavor of Island Bliss perfectly channel all the sweet goodness of summertime. Plus, the superfoods in Island Bliss give you all the vitality-lifting, gut-nourishing, energy-boosting goodness of a green drink with a flavor that’s actually enjoyable! Whip up this healthy Tropical Bliss Nice Cream today and enjoy all the summer vibes! *

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