Healthy & Nourishing Tropical Green Smoothie Muffins

Healthy & Nourishing Tropical Green Smoothie Muffins

A green smoothie is always a good choice when it comes to breakfast. But sometimes, you want to switch things up and sink your teeth into something warm and comforting. These Tropical Green Smoothie Muffins are the best of both worlds, combining all the goodness of a green smoothie into a tasty and healthy breakfast muffin.

Turning a green smoothie into a muffin is surprisingly simple! We combine the bananas, nut milk, and greens found in a classic green smoothie with oats, eggs, and other nourishing ingredients to create a satisfying breakfast muffin. And to add a bit more superfood punch, we’ve added a healthy dose of Island Bliss to the batter. 

Island Bliss is an energy-boosting, mood-supporting, gut-nourishing supergreens blend that tastes like a tropical vacation! It’s an easy way to get nourishing superfoods, probiotics, and organic fruits and veggies into your diet every day. Plus, these muffins freeze beautifully and are perfect for meal prep. Grab your bag of Island Bliss and give them a try! *

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