Healthy Blissed Out Superfood Popcorn 3 Ways

Healthy Blissed Out Superfood Popcorn 3 Ways

Popcorn is a classic movie night snack. And while plain popcorn is actually pretty healthy, the seasoned and flavored popcorn you can buy either pre-popped or in those little microwave packages are often filled with unhealthy ingredients, preservatives, and chemicals. Luckily, making your own flavored superfood popcorn at home is a breeze!

By tossing freshly-popped popcorn with a bit of coconut oil or butter and a healthy dose of your favorite Earth Echo superfood blend, you can enjoy an indulgent, flavorful snack that will elevate any movie night or party. 

Blissed Out Superfood Popcorn 3 Ways

Cacao Bliss Popcorn

If you’re craving something chocolatey, this is the option for you. The Cacao Bliss creates a decadent chocolate popcorn treat that will also help give you natural energy and mental clarity while unlocking your “bliss” molecule so you can enter a calm state of happiness. A perfect addition to any social gathering. *

Chai Bliss Popcorn

Chai Bliss is a great way to create a spiced, cozy flavor perfect for cuddling up for a date night in. This energizing superfood blend also helps support increased immunity and an overall increase in energy and focus while experiencing a calm-yet-alert feeling. *

Golden Superfood Bliss Popcorn

Popcorn tossed with Golden Superfood Bliss might just be the ultimate healthy “midnight snack”. This rich, soothing superfood blend supports a normal appetite, boosts your immune system, and supports a night of deep, restful sleep. You’ll slip into stress-free comfort with every bite. *

No matter which superfood blend you choose, you can’t go wrong. Snag your favorite through the link below and make this easy Blissed Out Superfood Popcorn this weekend!

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