3 Mesquite Superfood Benefits To Take Your Health To The Next Level

3 Mesquite Superfood Benefits To Take Your Health To The Next Level

Mesquite is one of those not so commonly talked about superfoods we all need to be buzzing more about. While maybe not as popular as kale or ghee, mesquite packs a nutritional punch to just about any diet.
Want in on the benefits of this mighty superfood? Read on as we're sharing all the details you need to know about this nutritional powerhouse, plus how you can sneak some into your diet.

What is Mesquite?

First off, if you haven't heard about mesquite, you probably aren't alone. It's a superfood that comes from the mesquite tree, native to the southwestern area of the US and Mexico. It's part of the legume family, and the tree is actually used for quite a few different things!

In fact, the wood from the mesquite tree may even be part of some of the furnishings in your home. But today, we're talking about the mesquite tree bean pods that can be ground into flour. This flour is often used in baking to add a unique flavor and nutritional boost.

What Does Mesquite Taste Like?

Chances are you may have tasted mesquite, as it's a popular ingredient in barbeque sauces. If you've not yet experienced it, the best description of this superfood is a smoky, nutty, and subtly sweet flavor. It's often used as a natural sweetener.

Mesquite Superfood Benefits You Need To Get In On

#1 Rich in Important Vitamins and Minerals

One reason mesquite flour is often referred to as a superfood is the fact that it's loaded with vitamins and minerals. It's rich in iron, manganese, lysine, zinc, and even potassium.

So, if you're looking for flour to add to your favorite healthier muffins or your morning smoothie, mesquite powder will certainly help boost the overall vitamin and mineral content of any recipe.

#2 Includes Fiber

Mesquite flour also happens to include soluble fiber, making it a great way to boost your overall fiber intake, a key part of supporting carbohydrate metabolism and gut health. *

Plus, many of us simply aren't getting enough fiber each day. Enjoying this superfood may help you reach that ideal fiber intake each day (25 grams/day for women and 38 grams/day for men).

Hint: Two tablespoons will pack in close to a whopping 5 grams of fiber!

#3 Acts as an Adaptogen

One of the coolest things about mesquite is that it actually acts as an adaptogen. Adaptogens help the body respond to stress — and that's a benefit we all need! And, when you're under elevated stress, it's even more important to nourish your body, giving us another reason to consider adding mesquite powder to our diet. *

How to Enjoy Mesquite Powder

Ok, so now you definitely understand that mesquite is loaded with nutritional value, but how do you enjoy it?

Here are a handful of delicious ways to add mesquite powder to your diet:

  • Use it to naturally sweeten almond or coconut flour pancakes or muffins.
  • Blend a tablespoon into your favorite smoothies.
  • Sprinkle on top of your morning bowl of oatmeal.
  • Add a nutritional and flavorful punch to your favorite cup of joe!
  • Enjoy a mug of Healthy Hot Chocolate made from Cacao Bliss, a chocolate superfood featuring — you guessed it — mesquite!

Add A Superfood Punch to Your Diet With Mesquite Powder

For a powerful nutritional boost, consider adding this superfood to your diet either on its own or as part of a blend like Cacao Bliss. With all the health and flavorful benefits mesquite powder has to offer, we're totally on board with enjoying this delicious superfood each and every day.

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I live in south Texas where I am surrounded by mesquite trees. We only use mesquite wood to barbeque with, it’s a sin in south Texas to use anything else :) I never knew of all the other benefits this beautiful tree had to offer. Thank you for providing this information and I can’t wait to tell all my fellow Texans.

Suzette Garcia

I just planted a Mesquite tree in my yard, waiting for it to produce little mesquite beans to try.

L. Spiers

Thank you for providing more information about the ingredient Mesquite. I enjoy cacao bliss very much. It’s nice to know more about the ingredients and how they benefit the body.

Jennie-Lee Shauer

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