3 Delicious Gift Ideas for the Chocolate Lover on Your List

3 Delicious Gift Ideas for the Chocolate Lover on Your List

The countdown is on, and if you’re anything like us, you probably still have a few people left on your holiday list. We all know that the best presents are thoughtful and what could be more thoughtful than giving someone the gift of Cacao Bliss? With its superfood blend that supports natural energy, mental clarity, and helps you tap into that calm state of happiness, it’s a rich, chocolatey treat anyone can feel good about. *

Whether you’re looking for something that’s homemade, quick and easy, or a little extra special, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the ideas below and get ready to cross off everyone on your list.

3 Delicious and Easy Cacao Bliss Gift Ideas

A Blissful Reason to Slow Down

Looking for a meaningful present that doesn’t require a ton of effort on your part? Then give the gift of a blissful moment! All you need is three single-serve packets of Cacao Bliss, a cute holiday mug, some festive ribbon, and you’re good to go. Plus, you can make five of these bundles out of a single box of Cacao Bliss travel packs, making it a total steal.

A Chocolatey Start to Their Day

Homemade presents are always a hit and that’s even more true when they’re made with Cacao Bliss. While cookies, candies, and other treats might be the norm, why not give the gift of some chocolatey, nourishing granola this year? Our cacao granola recipe is a breeze to whip up and each batch makes enough for 1-2 people, depending on the size of jar you use. Each bag of Cacao Bliss can make nearly 12 batches of granola, which means you’ll have more than enough to go around.

A Daily Cacao Ritual of Their Own

If you have a serious chocolate lover on your list, the Cacao Bliss Gift Box is the perfect present for them. It has everything they’ll need to turn their chocolate craving into a health-nourishing ritual: a bag of Cacao Bliss; a ceremonial mug; a storage container; a bamboo scoop; a frother; and The Cacao Lover’s Cookbook. It’s truly thoughtful and could change the way they think about chocolate forever. And while you’re at it, snag a Cacao Bliss Gift Box for yourself. After all, you’ve been good this year, too. 

No matter what you decide to give, it’s sure to be a hit. And once your gifting list is complete, we highly suggest whipping up a mug of Cacao Blissplaying your favorite holiday tunes, and really savoring the moment as you wrap each present for the special people in your life. 

Stock up on Cacao Bliss early so you always have it on-hand when it’s time to slow down and enjoy the holiday season. 



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I just love cacao bliss. I received the gift box set. It is absolutely the best


I just love cacao bliss. I received the gift box set. It is absolutely the best


I wish you would make a bundle packet with one of each….Collagen Peptides, Cacao Bliss, and Golden Superfood Bliss. What a great way to let customers try all 3 and fall in love with your products. Also, a great gift idea for the ones we love.

Cheryl Huffine

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