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When we Run Out, It Can Take A While To Re-stock…

Vitality Chocolate Bites are made using only the best ingredients, sourced specially to help nourish your body and elevate your health - but sourcing those ingredients can take time…

Not to mention that these guilt-free treats are handcrafted in small batches - so that manufacturing time can take around 60 days!

Claim your supply now so you can indulge in delicious, ‘good for you’ chocolate every day!


"It tastes fantastic and makes me happy! It doesn’t taste like your typical bitter dark chocolate. It’s yummy!"

-Jan S.

"It tastes like really good dark chocolate! I know you normally have to take a supplement to get probiotics [in your diet] so the fact you can have chocolate to do that is a game changer!"

-Jenny J.

"It’s amazing there is prebiotics and probiotics in the chocolate. Knowing that we are having something healthy and delicious at the same time that is so smooth and velvety - it’s amazing!"

-Maria I.