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"Wow! I have to share with ya’ll, Chai Bliss is perfect for fall! Anytime really, but I just got mine today and is is amazing! Tried it first with warm organic almond milk and organic heavy whipping cream-delicious doesn’t describe it well enough... Then I added hot organic coffee and it’s dynamite! Next I’m gonna try Chai Bliss and Cacao Bliss, with all the above hot liquids!!! Go now and get your organic Superfood BLISS! Thank you Earth Echo Foods for improving my health daily (hourly)!"

-Maurakae B.

"My new daily habit. Such a treat that I look forward to! It brings a smile to my face, health and healing for my mind and body, and lifts my spirits!!"

-Tina Y.

"This feels like fall in a cup! I️ made Mine with steamed almond milk and organic coffee. Blended into a perfect chai latte that is healthy and good for me. No regrets after drinking it every morning."

-Michelle P.