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Ancient nutrition for modern life

The Cacao Bliss® Difference

Using only the purest ingredients, Cacao Bliss includes everything your mind & body need for optimal holistic wellness, and nothing you don’t.

10 Natural Superfoods

Per Serving


100% Organic Sugar & Dairy Free

Only 35 Calories

Per Serving

Our uniquely crafted & complimentary blend of ingredients are natural and free from any fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives. We included only the best the earth has to offer & exactly what your body needs without compromise.


“I’ve been using Cacao Bliss in my morning coffee for 7 months now. I’ve lost 10 lbs without trying. My joints feel so much better. My doctor wanted to know what I was doing different! I now have my husband on it also. I can’t imagine starting my day without it."*

- Linda M. | Verified Buyer


10 Powerful Superfoods in 1

Our hand crafted formula includes 10 powerful superfoods perfectly designed to work together to help you curb cravings, support weight loss and increase energy.*

Raw Cacao

Supports your body’s natural ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels already in normal range, keep you satiated and promote optimal carbohydrate metabolism.*


Fights temporary inflammation related to physical exercise, improves digestion, dissolves stubborn fat and soothes occasional anxiety and stress.*

Black Pepper

To maximize your results by increasing the "bioavailability" of the Turmeric by up to 2,000%.*

MCT Powder

To help you feel satiated longer, making it easier for your body to release stubborn fat deposits.*


Improves your body's ability to digest glucose, and reduce your desire for sugary treats.*

Monk Fruit

helps satisfy your sweet tooth as well as sugar, with zero calories and no ill effect on your blood sugar.*

Coconut Nectar

Acts as a prebiotic and feeds the healthy gut bacteria in your lower intestine.*


Adds a hint of caramel-like flavor and has body-repairing properties.*


A sweet and nutty superfood that doesn't cause blood sugar spikes, and helps boost your immune system.*

Himalayan Salt

Contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, while helping to balance your pH levels.*

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Dairy Free
Soy Free
Gluten Free
100% Vegan
USDA Organic
Keto Friendly

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“I absolutely love Cacao Bliss. It satisfies my chocolate craving and seems to kill other snack cravings. Other chocolate often leaves me with a stomachache but Cacao bliss does not. It leaves me feeling light and satisfied. It is a high quality, easily digestible product and the company has great customer service."

- Trenatty B

“I love Cacao Bliss! I drink it everyday in my morning coffee and I have lost 8 Lbs and now I’m at my ideal weight without doing any dieting! I just naturally ate better, sugar cravings stopped. I also have way more energy and my mind is more alert! And it tastes AMAZING! ”*

- Aalia G.

“I love this product. I've been adding it to my coffee every morning for 2 years now. Taste is great, love how I feel, keeping my weight down. Wouldn't go without it.”*

- Judy S

“My absolute favorite way to end the day is with a cup of Cacao Bliss. It's sooo delicious and flavorful- and has the best for you ingredients without any sugar or dairy! This is a must have for any chocolate lover!”

- Kim

“I love the cacao bliss!! It makes you feel good on the inside of your body. It’s very soothing, kills all my cravings and it tastes delicious”

- Sherry N

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