You Talked, We Listened. New Cacao Bliss Packaging is Here!

You Talked, We Listened. New Cacao Bliss Packaging is Here!

To know Cacao Bliss is to love it. It’s healthy, it’s delicious, and it’s the perfect day-starter or afternoon pick-me-up.

While the product itself has been a grand slam with our customers for years, what wasn’t quite as loved is the canister it was packaged in. Though the canisters were gorgeous, they weren’t always user-friendly.

Here’s the scoop

We heard from customers — and experienced for ourselves — that the Cacao Bliss canister created a pretty intense game of hide-and-seek when it came time to fish out the scoop. (Whoops, sorry about that!) Since digging your fingers into the product to find the scoop is not an ideal practice, we knew that any updates in packaging had to make product usage easier… and cleaner!

So handy

Next up was the challenge of getting your hand into the canister so that not a speck of Cacao Bliss powder went unclaimed. You shared with us how tricky this was and we listened. 

Put a lid on it (or don’t)

Cacao Bliss canisters came with the lovely tin lid that was sometimes too stubborn to let go of its tight grip. Since getting the product out of the can is the only way you can actually enjoy the product and its health benefits, we heard you and said goodbye to any possible screw-top screw-ups.

Have cacao, will travel

Our new packaging also makes product shipments a breeze. There’s no breakage during transport and the new package is much lighter than the canisters, which lowers the carbon footprint by using less gasoline. 

The Reveal

So how do you get our most popular product — guilt-free chocolate amped up with nourishing superfoods — into (and off of) the hands of your customers?

By putting it in a zip-top pouch!

Now, you can easily get at your scoop and retrieve every bit of Cacao Bliss out of your package easily. Plus, the pouch keeps the product fresh, and the colors reflect the new Earth Echo vibe.

We hope you love the new Cacao Bliss packaging as much as we do, and let us reassure you, we’re always listening to your feedback and we’re forever open to upgrading our packaging to bring you the best products in the best ways.

Thank you for being a valued member of our tribe. And if you need to order some Cacao Bliss and see the beautiful new pouches for yourself, go ahead and CLICK HERE NOW.


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I love my caocà bliss. I do think I would like your old option as well. I have the zip top. I àlways worry it isn’t zipped. I tend to put it in zipper bag too to double insure ín wouldn’t spill in purse etc . I want both options! 😂

Sarah Christensen

BTW I LOVED the tin in which I first purchased my Cacao Bliss. I simply placed my 2nd order into the tin. Lovely next to my coffee maker and tea pot.

Dina Anderson

I have been using Cacao Bliss in my coffee both plain and frothed with a few Tablespoons of oat or almond milk or as a cuppa of hot chocolate and even as your recipe for the energy balls ( yum- dangerous since I could eat the whole batch at one sitting). I don’t know if I feel any different . However, as plant based lifestyle participants, it is amazing to have such deliciousness available to me and not worry about eating off my plan. Hope I can continue to afford my Cacao Bliss.

Dina Andetson

I have been using Cacao Bliss since 2018 and have just placed an order with the new packaging so l am looking forward to receiving it as there were issues with the old packaging

Cheryl Goodger

I started using Cacao Bliss about a month ago. I have only used it as a hot chocolate substitute so far, but I look forward to trying more recipes. I absolutely love it so far! If I have a cup at night it helps me have the most restful sleep ever!

Roseanne Oppmann

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