Why We’re Partnering With Eden Reforestation Projects To Reverse Deforestation

Why We’re Partnering With Eden Reforestation Projects To Reverse Deforestation

At Earth Echo, we treat every day like it’s Earth Day. We honor this daily celebration of our CEO, Mother Earth through everything we do, including our partnerships. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our newest partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects!

Earth Echo + Eden Reforestation Projects Partnership

Deforestation has run rampant in a number of countries across the globe. Regions that used to be covered with vast forests are now being faced with drought, famine, poverty, and the loss of critical ecosystems thanks to things like large-scale slash and burn practices, unsustainable agriculture, and daily community forest destruction.

Trees and forests are a personal passion of our Co-founder Craig, so who better to explain what makes our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects so special than him? Listen to him share about this personal mission and the power of this partnership.

Replenishing The Forest In Mozambique

Our commitment through Eden Reforestation Projects is to fund the planting of 420,000+ native species trees in Mozambique. This country on the eastern coast of Africa is home to 20 globally threatened bird species, over 200 endemic mammal species, and a population that relies heavily on the natural resources and forests to survive. This partnership allows us to help local communities and villagers restore, replant, and protect these vital forest systems.  

Employ To Plant

Through a unique Employ to Plant initiative, Eden Reforestation Projects hire people in local villages to plant the trees that will replenish these lost forests. This provides the community with a steady source of income, alleviating extreme poverty and fostering a sense of ownership over the forests being planted. Because, for us, it’s not only about Mother Earth. We aspire to positively impact as many lives around the globe as possible!

Every Earth Echo product you purchase results in one tree being planted through this partnership. This means that every time you brew a mug of Cacao Bliss or whip up a recipe using Collagen Peptides, you’re helping us heal the planet and improve the lives of people living in Mozambique. 

Shop Earth Echo products now and join our mission!


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I just wanted to say your video is beautiful your words resonate. Thank you for sharing your
current project with those that take the time to listen. I’ve followed Danette for quite some
time and always appreciate her recommendations and words. Just wanted to take a moment
to say thank you for all that you are doing. It is truly awesome and wonderful and yes, “we are
all in this together”.

sherri Kornblau

Earth Echo Foods & Eden Reforestation Projects MUST! be HIGHLY! commended for taking the initiative to begin the process of “repairing” and healing God’s Earth.
I feel privileged to be invited to join the process to fulfill this mission and thank God for the opportunity.
With every good wish & God’s Blessings to both teams at Earth Echo Foods & The Eden Reforestation Projects in this Partnership Programme/ Joint Initiative.
Special blessings to the Government & people of Peru. Thank You & God Bless 😊
Very respectfully,



Thank you for all you do for us to enjoy such fine product!!!


Thank you Immensely for your efforts in collaborating with Eden Reforestation Project bc trees ARE the earth’s Lungs! We so need the oxygen trees give to us and they absorb the carbons & CO2 that contribute to global warming!

Sally J Brown

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