What You Need to Know About Exercise & Inflammation

What You Need to Know About Exercise & Inflammation

Exercise is something that we’ve all been told to add to our wellness routines and for good reason. The body is designed to be active, not sedentary. However, the topic of exercise as it relates to inflammation has been a hot topic. Does exercise cause inflammation or can regular physical activity help support a healthy inflammatory response? 

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What The Science Says About Exercise & Inflammation 

There’s some research that suggests that just 20 minutes of exercise has the potential to stimulate the immune system and support a healthy inflammatory response. 

Keep in mind that one study found that it doesn’t have to be vigorous exercise to receive this benefit — just 20 minutes up to a half an hour of moderate walking was found to be beneficial. 

Why Keeping Inflammation in Check is So Important

Knowing that just 20 minutes of moderate exercise has been shown to help support a healthy inflammatory response gives us one more good reason to keep the body moving. But, why is keeping inflammation in check so important?

While inflammation is actually a normal part of our body’s immune response, and it plays a critical role in helping us stay healthy and heal from injury, too much is not a good thing. It’s chronic inflammation that’s been linked to imbalances in the body. 

But, Not All Exercise is The Same

But wait, there’s more — not all exercise is the same. Overtraining, meaning doing too much exercise without enough rest, has been linked to inflammatory responses in the body. So, the takeaway here is that too much of a good thing can come with risks. 

It’s All About Balance

While we know that regular exercise is a huge part of supporting overall health, we want to make sure that we are supporting our body with a balance of physical activity, rest, and proper nourishment. It’s also important to always listen to your body! If something doesn’t feel right during a workout or you feel like you need a rest day, listen to the signs that your body is giving you. 

Lastly, there are some other natural ways to support a healthy inflammatory response in the body, including things like ginger, which studies have shown may help reduce muscle pain as a result of exercise. Turmeric has also been shown to be beneficial for relieving temporary inflammation caused by overexertion during exercise. 

Turmeric + Ginger contains a blend of bioavailable turmeric and ginger to help support a healthy inflammatory response. Grab your bottle today to consider adding it to your wellness routine. 


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