Warm & Cozy Mulled Cacao Wine With Superfoods

Warm & Cozy Mulled Cacao Wine With Superfoods

Hot drinks and holiday parties go hand in hand. And there’s nothing quite like sipping on a warm, cozy beverage while catching up with friends and family with twinkling lights and a roaring fire in the background. The only thing that could make it better is if that cozy drink was packed with superfoods that unlocked your “bliss” molecule. A drink like this Superfood Mulled Cacao Wine.

Chocolate and wine might seem like an unexpected combination in drink form but the flavors complement each other perfectly. The addition of Cacao Bliss to a classic mulled wine recipe not only adds a decadent chocolatey flavor, the 10 superfoods in this powerful blend also help curb pesky cravings, soothe occasional stress, boost natural energy and mental clarity, and unlock your "Bliss" molecule, making it easier to enter that calm state of happiness. *

Serve this Superfood Mulled Cacao Wine at your next holiday gathering and don’t be surprised if your guests seem to connect like never before. 

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