Vegan Comfort Food: Golden Lentil Soup

Vegan Comfort Food: Golden Lentil Soup

If you’ve been craving warm, nourishing comfort food lately, you’re not alone! Cold-weather months are the perfect time to get cozy with a hearty pot of something delicious cooking away on the stove. And this Golden Lentil Soup is everything you could want in a winter meal. It’s packed with veggies, loaded with protein and fiber, simple to make, and freezes beautifully. Plus, it gets a little boost from Golden Superfood Bliss and its 12 powerful ingredients that crush hunger cravings and help relieve stress. We might even say it’s the perfect soup for the new year. Give it a try and see if you agree. *

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I just made the Golden Lentil recipe. It was a hit, so quietly enjoyed, and chased the last lentil around the bowl! One problem is how many carbs are in this recipe, I can divide for the size of the portions.

Judy Plopa

I really enjoy Cacao bliss in the morning 😋😋

Ana Rawson

I am so thankful for the opportunity to try you’re healthy foods because at 67 I really need them I love the taste and I love the way that they make me feelMore energetics unable to keep moving every day thank you so much!

Donna Haas

I love ALL the products.
I love my Cacao Bliss in my coffee EVERY day.

Beverly Bodnar

tried the Cacao and was amazed at how smooth and chocolaty it tasted. Saving to order a pouch.

Cindy Simons

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