This Recipe Proves That Healthy Ice Cream Does Exist

This Recipe Proves That Healthy Ice Cream Does Exist

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Cacao Bliss has made my my morning coffee more delicious than ever and guilt free!
I feel better, have more energy and focus and it crushes the cravings!
I am Forever thankful ♥️

Cindy Shattuck

Luv the product’s. Can’t wait to try the icecream recipe soon. Awaiting my cacao Bliss arrive in the mail

Tanya Santos

I start each day with a cacao bliss smoothie and end each day with a warm mug super bliss.
It definitely helps curb cravings during the day and helps me relax at night.

Roberta Laver

About ice cream- my husband is allergic to bananas. Can you substitute a berry? Dies leaving out bananas change texture of ice cream?

Debbie Greene

I ordered the box for myself and I absolutely love everything in the box. Such quality and it’s classy! It was a wonderful gift for myself. I love Cacao Bliss. It lifts me up daily during my early early morning time. Thank you so much for the delicious and healthy product. I appreciate the auto ship option so I never run out. Thumbs up!!

Patty A Grimm

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