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This Golden Spiced Quinoa Salad Is Quick, Easy, & Healthy

This Golden Spiced Quinoa Salad Is Quick, Easy, & Healthy

Everyone needs a go-to salad recipe that’s perfect for meal prep and flexible enough to adjust to whatever you have in the fridge at the moment. And this Golden Spiced Quinoa Salad? This is that salad. It’s loaded with nutrient-dense ingredients, keeps nicely in the fridge, and packed with flavor thanks to the Golden Superfood Bliss!

If you’ve only been using Golden Superfood Bliss as a soothing drink, this recipe might blow your mind. By adding this spiced superfood blend into the dressing, it adds a punch of flavor along with all the incredible health-nourishing benefits Golden Superfood Bliss has to offer. Give it a try!

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