This Compound Found in Raw Cacao May be the Secret to Supporting a More Positive Mood

This Compound Found in Raw Cacao May be the Secret to Supporting a More Positive Mood

There are plenty of reasons chocolate ranks high on some of the most commonly enjoyed treats. But, when it comes down to health benefits and how foods make us feel, raw cacao (aka the healthiest kind of chocolate ingredient) checks all the boxes. Not only does it satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth, but it packs in a hefty dose of theobromine, a powerful plant compound that makes enjoying raw cacao incredibly healthy. *

Read on to learn about the theobromine benefits you need to know about and why the right kind of chocolate can easily become a healthy and delicious staple in your diet. 

What is Theobromine?

Theobromine is a compound that’s found in the cacao plant as well as tea. This molecule was initially discovered in cacao beans back in the 1840s and is known to be the reason why many of us enjoy consuming chocolate due to the effects it has on our mood*

The 3 Theobromine Benefits You Need to Know About

#1 Theobromine Supports a More Positive Mood & Improved Cognitive Function 

This is one of the most well-documented benefits of theobromine. It’s been found to positively affect our mood as well as support cognitive function, helping us feel more alert. 

The takeaway? If you’re in need of a serious pick-me-up, you may want to reach for some raw cacao before pouring that second cup of coffee. *

#2 May Boost Energy Levels 

In addition to a punch of alertness, the theobromine found in raw cacao may also give you a much-needed natural energy boost. It’s found to have a similar effect as caffeine, so it makes sense that it may give us a pep in our step. 

The good news is that it has a much milder stimulation effect, so you’ll be less likely to experience those post-caffeine jitters many of us get from drinking coffee. *

#3 Theobromine May Be Your New Go-to When Supporting Seasonal Wellness

Next time you’re feeling run down during the changing of the seasons, try some raw cacao. A study found that theobromine offers some promising effects on improving issues related to seasonal wellness, making it a delicious and natural way to stay healthy when the temperature drops. *

Here’s How to Reap All The Benefits Theobromine Has to Offer 

There’s no denying the fact that theobromine comes with some promising health benefits, and the research keeps emerging, giving us reason to enjoy our daily dose of cacao. 

Want in on how to enjoy all the benefits theobromine brings to the table?

Try mixing up a mug of the most decadent and nutrient-dense chocolate drink you can get your hands on, or making a tasty chocolate treat with Cacao Bliss. 

From improved mood and cognitive function to greater energy levels, Cacao Bliss gives us every reason to get that daily chocolate fix on without the guilt.  Shop here! *




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