The Perfect Grab-And-Go Snack: Cacao Oatmeal Granola Bars

The Perfect Grab-And-Go Snack: Cacao Oatmeal Granola Bars

These Cacao Oatmeal Granola Bars have everything you need to feel energized so you can keep up with the fun this summer! The base is made with oatmeal, nuts, and seeds, giving you plenty of fiber and healthy fats. And they’re just sweet enough to be delicious without being overpowering. Plus, they pack the blissful chocolatey power of Cacao Bliss

This powerful blend not only provides a delicious, slightly-spiced flavor to these bars, but you also get all the nourishing goodness of 10 superfoods. Cacao Bliss can help give you a boost in natural energy, improve mental clarity, crush hunger cravings, and unlock your “bliss” molecule. *

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I just made the cacao oatmeal granola bars yesterday. They are so delicious. My husband was so amazed of the flavor. This is now my go to snack. All my favorites in this bar. A must try!!!!

Claudia seymour

NICE!!!! ;) While I have been trying to get my guys to eat my mixed nut mixture when they need a quick snack, they aren’t having it lol (its a pumpkin seed/raw almonds/coconut flakes/raw cacao nibs w/hemp & chia seeds) :) I bought a dispenser from Amazon & anytime I’m needing a pick me up, I grab a small jar & turn the crank a couple of times to dispense them! Luv it! ;) (there’s a lid underneath to keep them fresh. I tryta have a jar 3-4x a week) ;) So this will be perfect! I can just add this mixture to these bars!! ThanX again Danette!! ;) xoxooxoxox


This sounds perfect I will make tomorrow

Pat Shell

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