The Only Healthy Samoas Cookie Recipe You Need

The Only Healthy Samoas Cookie Recipe You Need

Move over, Girl Scouts, because we’ve got a healthy Samoas copycat recipe that you’re going to love! We’ve taken all the craveable flavors from the original — toasted coconut, rich chocolate, and caramel-y goodness — and created a healthier version! 

We started by toasting our own shredded coconut and used Medjool dates to get that classic caramel flavor. Then we used Cacao Bliss to give these cookies a chocolatey coating that’s also boosted with superfoods! Give it a try and see what you think. *

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These were so simple to make and the taste was awesome! I added 2 Earth Echo Focus Bites and reduced the chocolate mixture amounts because I didn’t have enough Cacao Bliss. Turned out fantastic! Best clean dessert I’ve tried yet.

Yes please❤️Love Cacao!
Audrey McKenzie

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