The Only 3 Natural Remedies You Need For Post Workout Pain

The Only 3 Natural Remedies You Need For Post Workout Pain

A regular fitness routine is an integral part of supporting optimal wellness. But, what if post workout pain puts your current fitness routine on hold? 

This is a common complaint, and a reason many of us skip that cardio workout after a heavy leg day. But, with some preventative steps and a natural approach to easing post-workout pain, you’ll be able to jump right back into crushing your workout goals in no time. 

3 Natural Strategies to Ease Post Workout Pain 

#1 Turmeric + Ginger 

One of our favorite ways to help ease post workout pain is with our powerful Earth Echo Turmeric + Ginger supplement. Packed full of healthy inflammatory support properties, you can be sure that you’re giving your body exactly what it needs after an intense workout. 

And, the studies are clear — turmeric has been shown to help manage muscle soreness as well as temporary inflammation due to exercise. 

But, in order to reap all the benefits turmeric has to offer, it’s important to choose a supplement that contains black pepper to help improve the bioavailability. 

Our Turmeric + Ginger Capsules not only contain black pepper, but this supplement is also formulated for increased efficacy and a higher absorption rate to help feel a difference. *

#2 Collagen Peptides 

Collagen peptides are gaining more and more traction in the fitness industry and for good reason. Collagen has been shown to help support both muscle recovery and soreness, making it a great addition to your post workout shake. 

Here at Earth Echo, we offer 100% bovine collagen peptides that can easily be mixed into your mug of Cacao Bliss, blended into a smoothie, or whisked into your morning cup of coffee. The best part? You won’t even know it’s in there! Give your muscles the boost they need without altering the taste of your go-to beverages. *

#3 Reduce Inflammation

If you’re experiencing muscle soreness more times than not, it may be time to take a look at other factors. In addition to cutting out inflammatory foods like (refined sugar, trans, and hydrogenated fats, fried, and processed foods), try enjoying a decadent mug of Cacao Bliss each day. 

Cacao Bliss contains a superfood blend of everything your body needs to support a healthy inflammatory response and boost energy, giving you one more good reason to add this sacred supplement to your post workout smoothie. 

Or, try whisking up a mug with a scoop of Earth Echo Collagen Peptides for an added muscle recovery boost. *

Refuel Tired Muscle & Boost Energy Post Workout 

While it’s common to feel sore after an intense workout, we don’t want to be experiencing muscle soreness that’s holding us back from exercising at all. 

Use these three strategies to help ease muscle soreness — these remedies may be exactly what your body needs to keep working towards crushing your fitness goals. 

Head here to grab Turmeric + Ginger today to add to your post workout supplement routine!


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