The Easiest Chocolate Dessert: Dairy-Free Ice Cream Float

The Easiest Chocolate Dessert: Dairy-Free Ice Cream Float

Few things bring out the kid in you like an ice cream float! But the traditional recipe calls for some less-than-healthy ingredients and, frankly, not nearly enough chocolate. So we decided to remedy both of those shortcomings with this chocolatey dairy-free ice cream float!

This super-easy recipe starts with a base of unsweetened almond milk mixed with Cacao Bliss. And if you’ve tried Cacao Bliss, you know this is a delicious drink all on its own, packed with a superfood blend that helps curb cravings and give you a boost of natural energy. But by topping it with a scoop of your favorite vegan ice cream, it goes from tasty snack to decadent dessert! *

This quick chocolate dessert is a breeze to make and can easily be scaled up for a crowd. It’s the perfect treat to serve at a party, for a birthday, or even just your next Friday night in! Give the recipe below a try!

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I love this super healthy drink hot in the evening. It helps me sleep.

Jennifer Wells

I love the cacao & golden superfoods!!! So glad I decided to try it!

Cannot wait to make these!! We love cacao bliss!
Sherry Carmichael

I enjoy a cup of hot chocolate made with Almond milk and Cacao Bliss.
I have used Cacao Bliss since Danette created and produced it. I have been with Danette since January 2017.

Rhonda Corinne Brown

I love it. 😋😋😋 I drink it everyday . I’ve been doing this for a year already , it gives me energy and I shared it with my daughter, now she also has it everyday. 👍👍👍

Isabel C Herbelin

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