The Benefits of Evening Rituals + How to Get Started

The Benefits of Evening Rituals + How to Get Started

Think evening routines are just for kids? Turns out, there are plenty of reasons adults should have one too! From easing feelings of stress to helping you feel more grounded, an evening ritual may be the missing link to getting more Zs. 

 Ahead, we share exactly what you need to know about getting started. 

 The Benefits of an Evening Ritual 

 #1 Helps Wind Down Your Mind & Body Before Bed

If you find yourself stressed and anxious each night before you go to bed, it may be a sign that you need some quiet, relaxing time before you hit the hay. 

 Enter the power of an evening routine. Having some time away from electronics (or any blue light)  can help calm your mind and get you out of that hectic state you may have been stuck in all day. 

 Consider doing an evening stretch or yoga sequence or just five minutes of meditation. Try adding a mug of Golden Superfood Bliss to this designated relaxation time.  Sip on the most delicious bedtime tonic that’s made with a powerful superfood blend, including adaptogens that may help support a restful night sleep.* 

 #2 Sets The Tone For a Less Stressed Day Starting the Night Before

A positive and low-stress day really starts the night before with a solid night’s rest. Having an evening ritual every single night will help set the tone for a more positive day. 

 #3 An Evening Routine May Help You Get to Bed Earlier

When you set aside a specific time to practice some self-care before bed, you may be more likely to get to bed earlier. Try practicing your evening ritual at the same time each night to make it more likely that you’ll go to bed at the same time too. This will make it easier to get those golden 7-9 hours of sleep each night. 

 And, with better sleep comes improved brain function the next day, a stronger immune system, improved mood, and fewer food cravings.* 


 A Sample Evening Ritual 

 Ready to get your evening ritual started off on the right foot? Here’s an example of what one would look like. 

 8:00 PM: Shut off all electronics and do 15 minutes of yoga followed by 10 minutes of meditation. 

 8:30 PM: Self-care time — skincare routine, getting dressed for bed, etc. 

 9:00 PM: Sip on a mug of Lavender Cacao Golden Recipe while reading a book. 

10:00 PM: Light’s out! 

Grab Golden Superfood Bliss now to start your evening routine!


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I drink Cacao Bliss in the morning with almond milk, Collagen Peptides, honey and cinnamon; Island Bliss late morning to have energy for work, and at night, Golden Bliss with almond milk, honey, cinnamon and nutmeg. This routine helps me have a balanced day. I just ordered Chai Bliss. Can’t wait to try it. I love all the Earth Echo superfoods.

Maisie Alicea

I was skeptical of the Golden Bliss drink, but I believe it does help with stress and sleeping. I have 3-4 glasses daily to help, everyone is different so adjust to what helps YOU!

Susan Z

Cocoa Bliss is amazing! Have put trying Golden Bluss on my New Year bucket list to try soon:)

Terri D

Cacao Bliss is a Delicious Nourishing Beverage to Enjoy any time of Day/Night
Golden Superfood Bliss I find Fantastic before bed time

Rose Vella

I just love the Cacao Bliss and the new Golden Bliss. Both are so delicious and satisfying. The Cacao Bliss Pucks me up every morning and the Golden Bliss gives me a good night’s sleep 💖💖

Petra Justi

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