Tame Your Craziest Cravings With These Easy Tips

Tame Your Craziest Cravings With These Easy Tips

It doesn’t matter how well you eat, how much you exercise, or how committed you are to your ultimate health, sometimes cravings just creep up. No one is immune. Whether it’s a sweet tooth or an insatiable desire for something crunchy and salty, you may be going about your business one moment and then staring down a snack attack the next.


So how do you deal with these sneaky buggers? We’ve got some cravings-crushing tips for you.


1. Get into movement.
It’s our firm belief that movement clears the cobwebs out of your body, mind, and soul. Movement activates your cells and wakes them up. 

    Oftentimes when we crave our favorite treat, it’s a signal of feeling sluggish or unconsciously seeking out stimulation. We want the things we think make us feel good, but in reality, reaching for processed baked goods or chips do the exact opposite. 

    By moving your body, your cells zoom to life with energy and you feel fulfilled without putting a morsel of food in your mouth. So the next time you find yourself searching the cupboards, turn on some tunes and get moving instead.


    2. Meditate.
    Studies have shown that stress has been linked to cravings, and one of the best ways we know of to head off stress is meditation.

      Keep in mind meditation can take many forms. It doesn’t have to be sitting in silence or following a guided app, though it certainly can be, and incorporating stillness and deep mindset work into your daily routine may help reduce stress. Meditation can also be walking in nature with no outside distractions to disrupt your connection to Mother Earth, or it can be other forms of movement like yoga. 

      You can also try mantra meditation, where you chant a common word or sound like “om,” or repeat affirmative phrases like, “I am strong. I am healthy. I am safe. I am worthy.”

      Cacao Bliss Travel Packs Yummy Dessert Image

      3. Answer the call… wisely.
      While it’s true grabbing a candy-aisle chocolate bar made with highly processed ingredients is not the best choice, you can help indulge your chocolate cravings — virtually guilt-free — with the nutritional powerhouse that is raw cacao.

        Raw cacao has been used for connection and nourishing health since ancient times and certainly has its place in our modern-day busy lifestyles. This is why Earth Echo’s co-founders, Danette May and Craig Collins, were so passionate about creating our ceremonial-grade raw cacao superfood blend, Cacao Bliss.*

         By mixing Cacao Bliss into anything from smoothies to overnight oats, to healthy baked goods to coffee, your chocolate cravings get virtually crushed and you may even enjoy massive benefits like added support for mental clarity, increased energy, and boosted immune function. It’s THE way to send your sweet tooth packing and show your body some love.*

        Cacao Bliss now even comes in travel-sized packs, making it easier than ever to help satisfy your cravings no matter where you are.*

        Grab your travel packs of Cacao Bliss today.

        We understand that cravings can be tricky, but trying one — or all — of these tips should help keep you on your path to ultimate health. Which one will you begin, starting today?




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        I love cacao bliss in my coffee in the morning and throughout the day I use golden bliss in my almond milk , as well as chai bliss in warm almond milk in the evening. I look forward to these wonderful supplements each day. What a wonderful way to greet each day!

        Christine Rush

        I Love cacao with just heated almond milk & 1 packet of cacao, So yummy & warming 🥰


        I love adding my golden bliss to my homemade granola topping and also in my coffee,love,love,love❤️❤️

        Monika mackenzie

        I absolutely love my cacao bliss. I look forward to having it in my morning shake and as a treat at night with warm almond milk.

        Pat Norlock

        I love cacao bliss with hot water and oat milk. It satisfies all my cravings! Delicious!

        Franca Zadra

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