Are You Doing Enough to Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response?

Are You Doing Enough to Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response?

Inflammation is something we hear about all the time — but what actually is it, and why does it matter? We’re diving deep into what you need to know about how inflammation affects the body, plus tools on how to keep it at bay. 

What is Inflammation?

Despite the fact that you often hear about inflammation in a negative light, it’s actually a natural response in the body. The body responds to injury with inflammation as a way to help promote wound healing and repair damaged tissue. Inflammation also plays an essential role in the body’s immune response when we are exposed to a number of different things. 


3 Ways to Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response *

Studies have shown that with clean eating and a healthy and active lifestyle, we all have the power to help support healthy, normal inflammation. * 

Here are three ways to do just that and support an overall healthy lifestyle. 

#1 Enjoy an Anti-inflammatory Diet 

One of the best ways to keep inflammation at bay is to enjoy a diet full of anti-inflammatory foods. 

Some delicious options include: Dark leafy greens, avocados, olive oil, wild-caught fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel), nuts, seeds, and berries. 


While boosting your diet with lots of nutritious anti-inflammatory options, you will also want to avoid refined carbs such as white bread, pasta, and pastries, as well as fried and processed foods. 

#2 Reduce Stress

With too much stress impacting health in so many negative ways, it’s important to find ways to decompress each day. Find what feels good for you, even if it’s just a 15-minute brisk walk in the morning or ten minutes of meditation before bed. Practicing some form of self-care daily is a key player in supporting a healthy inflammatory response.

#3 Use Powerful Herbs & Spices to Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response *

Herbs and spices make an incredibly powerful and important part of a healthy diet, but many can be beneficial in supplement form. Turmeric has been found to be especially helpful for combating temporary, exertion-related inflammation — many studies back it’s impressive results. Ginger has also been shown to have some impressive antioxidant and healthy inflammatory-supporting properties. *

Here at Earth Echo, we offer the best of both worlds in our Turmeric + Ginger supplement, making it easy for you to get the best bang for your buck with two powerful and potent ingredients. 

Reduce Temporary, Exercise Related Inflammation — Support Your Health 

With less inflammation comes better health. Use these hacks to not only help support healthy inflammation but to also help harness your inner power to feel your best one healthy lifestyle choice at a time. *


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I had blood work recently to test just about everything, including inflammation markers. Mine were high as I assumed. Since I was home and away from work for almost 2 months due to the pandemic scare, I wasn’t as disciplined about my diet. I ate way more sugar even though I know what it does and I was not in a routine with all my suppliments. And unfortunately I am a smoker. After the blood work came back, my naturopath tweaked my supplements which I am now taking religiously and my smoking is back down, not gone, but down. I know that the single best thing I can do for my health is to quit. I’m not a drinker and I have gone the ‘no added sugar’ route before with great benefits. Inflammation is no joke people. Clean up the diet, get regular exercise and stop the nasty habits and it will transform your health. All those ‘old age’ illnesses we think of are directly related to chronic inflammation. Take this post seriously.

Sara Lynch

Since enjoying the “ cacao bliss” and not unhealthy , salty snacks , I internally feel the difference. Since starting the detox suggestions and drinking the morning and evening lemon, apple cider vinegar, ginger water is also making a difference. Thank you

Julie Schubert

Need these for myself

Soo Malaki

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