Quick & Healthy Blissful Cacao Apple Nachos

Quick & Healthy Blissful Cacao Apple Nachos

Need a healthy snack to whip up for your next movie night? Or how about a quick, nourishing dessert the whole family will love? These healthy apple “nachos” are perfect when  you’re short on time but still want something deliciously sweet without the guilt. 

When it comes to “simple healthy desserts”, nothing could be easier. Simply cut up some apples and drizzle and sprinkle with any toppings your heart desires. For these Blissful Cacao Apple Nachos, we went with a combination of almond butter and Cacao Bliss drizzles. Not only are these flavors the perfect indulgent combination but the addition of the 10 powerful superfoods in Cacao Bliss will actually help satisfy your sweet tooth while curbing cravings and give you a boost in natural energy and mental clarity! *

Whether it’s a quiet date night in or a fun family party, whip up these Blissful Cacao Apple Nachos as an appetizer or dessert and watch as they quickly disappear!

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