Nourish Your Body And Soul With This Healthy Chili Recipe

Nourish Your Body And Soul With This Healthy Chili Recipe

Satisfying and comforting? Check! Packed with nutrients and fiber to keep you full? Check! Perfect for meal prep? Check! Yet another easy way to add Collagen Peptides into your diet and enjoy all the health benefits that come with them? Check and check! 

This Bean and Lentil Chili with Collagen Peptides recipe checks all the boxes when it comes to a perfect cold-weather soup recipe. And adding a scoop or two of Collagen Peptides to this recipe makes it easy to get all the joint-loving, skin-brightening, hair-thickening benefits this supplement has to offer. On top of all of that, it’s incredibly easy to make! Take a look at the recipe below and see for yourself. *

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This Chili recipe looks so good and healthy! Even though it is springtime I can wait to try it. I love all of the Cocoa Bliss and recipes. It is a complete game changer to be able to have this chocolate that nourishes my body.

Marla Caldwell

If I am craving dessert, I simply mix cacao bliss, Leftover decaf coffee, and some almond milk in my mini blender. A few ice cubes makes it a mocha iced latte. Heat it up and it’s apres-ski time. I love this little cacao powder and hope to order it again!


I have been getting the Cocao Bliss and Love it!!..have been making a lot of smoothies,hot drinks and treats with it.I have not tried the Golden Bliss yet but ordered it March 27th the 5 pack version so hopefully I will receive it soon….I am excited to receive it and try it out!!

Sylvia Rogers

I love the cocoa bliss. I have not experimented much with using it in other things. I have also enjoyed using the golden superfood.
These products make it easy for me to nourish my body, mind and spirit in a easy and delicious 😋 way.

Thank you

Sheila Benjamin

I would love to win a free healthy gift box

Kathryn Thompson

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