Menopause Messing With Your Sleep? Read This

Menopause Messing With Your Sleep? Read This

Let’s face it — menopause has a way of interfering with a good night’s sleep. Oftentimes, the hot flashes are to blame. But, that’s not the only factor at play. We’re sharing all the details you need to know about why menopause can make sleep seem next to impossible, plus the one natural menopause insomnia relief strategy you need ASAP. 

Menopause & Sleep Disruption: What You Need to Know

While hot flashes are all too common, and a big cause of occasional sleep disruption, snoring is another big cause of poor sleep during and even after menopause. 

In fact, post-menopausal women have been shown to be much less satisfied with the quality of their sleep, with 61% suffering from more serious sleep issues. Snoring is another common culprit here, and with an elevated lack of sleep also comes an increased risk of other issues, which can both negatively affect the quality of one’s sleep. 

Natural Menopause Insomnia Strategy 

While sleep can certainly seem like a challenge both during and after menopause, this doesn’t have to be your reality forever — a restful night’s sleep is possible! 

Enter Golden Superfood BlissOur brand new product that may just become your new favorite bedtime tonic. 

Made with only the best ingredients, including superfoods, adaptogens, and ancient mushrooms, Golden Superfood Bliss may help:

  • Combat occasional anxiety and stress levels to help support falling asleep faster and waking up feeling rejuvenated *
  • Balance hormones *
  • Combat cravings 
  • Boost immunity *
  • Support energy levels *

Whisk up a mug of pure gold with one scoop of Golden Superfood Bliss and your favorite dairy-free milk. Sip and enjoy before hitting the hay. 

Prioritize Sleep (Your Health is Counting on it) 

The body can’t function at its highest potential when we are sleep deprived. It sets us up for occasionally being irritable, craving all the wrong foods, and sometimes unable to concentrate. Without sleep, we would all be walking around in a total fog. 

So, if you’ve been struggling with occasional menopause-related sleep disruptions, grab delicious, stress-easing Golden Superfood Bliss in our Earth Echo store and enjoy a mug before bed!  You’ll quickly see why this bedtime tonic may become one of your secret weapons for a supporting better night’s sleep. *


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