Infuse Your Relaxation with this Exclusive Lavender Cacao Golden Drink Recipe*

Infuse Your Relaxation with this Exclusive Lavender Cacao Golden Drink Recipe*

This incredibly indulgent and calming Lavender Cacao Golden Drink is perfect if you're looking for something warm and relaxing to sip on before bed. Featuring the chocolate superfood indulgence, Cacao Bliss, and the warm golden spice of Golden Superfood Bliss — infused with the unexpected flavor of culinary-grade lavender buds — this drink will not only prepare you for a restful night’s sleep, it may also help curb occasional emotional eating, curb cravings, and unlock feelings of centered well-being.* 

Check out the recipe below and grab your bag of Golden Superfood Bliss today so you can turn your evenings into moments of pure relaxation, too.*

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Where in Alberta Canada would I find Lavender buds. Does Earth Echo have them to order

Kelly McMullen

I’m anxious to try the lavender in this delicious drink. Cacao Bliss is a trusted friend

Jo coder

I love cacao bliss. I have it everyday in my coffee. After dinner I make a cup of cacao bliss hot chocolate. It is my dessert.
Before bed I make a cup of golden superfood bliss with. Almond milk and hot water. It’s the best to help relax me before sleep.
My husband loves the no bake oatmeal cookies.

Claudia Seymour

Just a thought with your Lavender cocoa recipe, instead of putting the lavender buds in, why not mix one drop of lavender oil in the cocoa mash it with a spoon then put in


I love Cacao Bliss. My favorite treat to drink warm at night to relax or morning or anytime I want a healthy boost of feel good energy. So many healing ingredients for the body and immune system. I can’t wait to pair this with Golden Superfood Bliss .


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