How To Reset Your Gut Health With Simple Lifestyle Tips

How To Reset Your Gut Health With Simple Lifestyle Tips

There’s no denying that the holidays are magical. Twinkly lights, parties, presents, delicious food. So much delicious food! And with all that revelry, it’s not unusual to start the new year feeling a bit worn out, sluggish, and heavy. That’s why we’re sharing an excerpt from our 10-Day Gut Health Reset

Between the holiday food and packed holiday schedules, there’s a good chance your gut health could use a bit of a boost. And the start of a new year is the perfect time to reset your gut health and regain your vitality for all the exciting plans you have in store. 

You can get the full 10-Day Gut Health Reset for free with any purchase of Vitality Chocolate Bites. These healthy, indulgent dark chocolate squares are full of probiotics and prebiotics, which work to produce healthy gut flora to support your digestion, immunity, and overall health.*

The full 10-Day Gut Health Reset includes…

  • A quick-reference gut wellness checklist
  • A 10-day meal plan
  • A list of gut-loving foods and supplements 
  • A list of foods and ingredients to avoid 
  • Several lifestyle tips that help support gut health (included below)
  • Gut-loving recipes with food exchanges 
  • A full shopping list to get started

To get you started on your path to a happy, healthy gut, below are the lifestyle tips included in the guide. Incorporating these tips into your daily routine is a great way to support better gut function. 

Lifestyle Tips For Better Gut Health

Drink Up For Good Health

Proper hydration is key at all times, but especially during this challenge, when we’re feeding your cells with nutrient-dense, fiber-filled, healing foods. Aim to drink 3⁄4 gallon - 1 gallon of water every day.

Benefits Of Warm Water

Evidence shows that drinking warm water throughout the day can sooth your gut, enhance digestion, help regulate circulation, and support your body in ridding itself of toxins faster. 

Chew Slowly, Digest Happily

Chewing slowly leads to better digestion. Since the digestive process begins in the mouth, the more time you take to grind your food, the less work your gut has to do when the food reaches its destination.

Stress Management

Stress is a normal part of modern living. However, chronic stress can cause some of the hormones and chemicals released by your body to enter your digestive tract. This has a negative effect on gut flora, which interferes with digestion and could result in a number of digestive conditions. This is why healthy stress management is so important to gut health.

Check out this 24 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress Quickly blog post for help managing stress!

Exercise & Yoga

Exercise releases powerful endorphins into our brain, providing natural stress relief while lifting our mood. Regular exercise also helps support and even improve the diversity of healthy bacteria in your microbiome. Be sure to get 20-30 minutes of healthy body movement every day.

Meditation & Breath Focus

Meditation is a proven stress reliever you can practice anytime, anywhere. Focusing on long, slow, deep belly breaths helps disengage your mind from distracting thoughts and sensations, moving your body out of a “fight or flight” state and into a “rest and digest” state. 


Your gut health and sleep quality are interconnected. While an imbalanced gut can cause your sleep to suffer (or improve), the quality of your sleep can also cause your gut health to suffer (or improve). It’s a vicious cycle, which is why it’s so important to prioritize getting 7-9 hours of deep, restorative sleep every night.


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