How To Make The Tastiest Healthy Golden Spiced Carrot Cake Ever

How To Make The Tastiest Healthy Golden Spiced Carrot Cake Ever

There’s just something about Spring and Carrot Cake that go hand in hand. By combining warming spices with bright, fresh carrot, you get the perfect dessert for family dinner and pairs beautifully with a hot cup of coffee. 

This Golden Spiced Carrot Cake recipe puts a healthier spin on the classic. It’s gluten-free and uses wholesome ingredients like almond flour, maple syrup, eggs, and Greek yogurt. And to give this tasty cake some extra health-nourishment and depth of flavor, we added in Golden Superfood Bliss. Not only is this superfood blend delicious but it can help soothe occasional anxiety, balance stress, and improve sleep quality. How’s that for a healthy dessert? Give the recipe below a try and see why we love it. *

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I love the cacao bliss in shakes and as a hot beverage. I have tried other collagen products before and I feel too full, like it won’t go down. Your collagen has no taste, no smell and I would never know it was in my hot chocolate if I didn’t put it in there myself. Now I am waiting to look and feel younger. Lol

Kathy Geanuracos

Thank you 😊

Giovanna Mediati

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