How To Avoid Binge Eating During The Holidays

How To Avoid Binge Eating During The Holidays

Holiday celebrations are just around the corner. And for many that means all-day snacking on tempting bites of sugar-filled treats, tasty appetizers, festive cocktails, and multi-course meals. But while the holidays can be filled with joy and comfort foods, they can also be filled with turbulent emotions that trigger us to binge eat. To avoid overindulging during the holiday season, consider these strategies to stop binge eating before it starts.  

Three Ways To Avoid Binge Eating During The Holidays

Have a holiday game plan

Creating a game plan and even rehearsing your behavior prior to an event is a great way to maintain feelings of control and calm. Better to plan ahead, at home, when you’re not feeling the stress of temptations.

  • Write down every place you will be celebrating. Then call the host and ask about the menu.
  • Plan — from appetizers to desserts — what you’ll be eating.
  • Plan on limiting your portion size, and how you’ll stop eating. If you generally go back for seconds, then make your first plate smaller.   
  • Don’t forget to include cocktails in your plan. Alcohol can trigger binge eating and add unnecessary calories.
  • If dessert is your weakness, then plan to bring your own healthy dessert to share. 
  • If you find yourself over-indulging on appetizers and finger foods, then choose lighter options at dinner, like salad and veggies.

Get in tune with your feelings

Binging is not always the result of low self-control. Binging can sometimes be triggered by an attempt to manage stress, fear, and anxiety. Let’s face it, some family events are more about the tension than festivities.  But binge eating is only a temporary fix to relieve feelings such as stress, anxiety, and even boredom. So, if you’re worried about binging at a specific event, dig into why that is beforehand. 

If stress is creating an urge to binge, get to the root cause. Acknowledge what you’re feeling without judgment and make an extra effort to manage your own stress every day. A little self care can go a long way. 

Focus on the event, not the food

Sure, festive foods are a big part of the holiday fun. But nothing ruins the holiday spirit more than guilt and shame. So, push those negative feelings aside and focus instead on the positive. 

Rather than obsessing about the food, how about turning your focus towards the joyful ambiance, decorations, and company? Of course, you can only do this if you don’t show up famished. So, don’t skip meals prior to an event in anticipation of overeating later. Instead, start your day with a healthy breakfast and some mindful movement. (And don’t forget your daily cup of Cacao Bliss.) 

Cacao Bliss is a positive and delicious way to indulge

We all need to indulge in something sweet once in a while. And when those stress and sugar cravings hit, it’s important to have something that won’t derail your health goals. Chocolate is a favorite when it comes to holiday indulgence. But it’s often heavily processed, and contains chemicals and pesticides. Plus, it’s loaded with sugar that will continually keep you craving more.

On the other hand, Cacao Bliss is a healthy alternative made from all natural, organic raw cacao. And it’s absolutely delicious! Not only does Cacao Bliss satisfy your sweet tooth but it also helps combat your sugar cravings. Plus, it adds powerful superfoods to the blend to support and nourish your body. * 

  • Raw Cacao to help keep you satiated and promote optimal carbohydrate metabolism. *
  • Turmeric to help improve digestion, dissolve stubborn fat, and soothe occasional anxiety and stress. *
  • MCT Powder to help you feel satiated longer, making it easier for your body to release stubborn fat deposits. *
  • Cinnamon to improve your body's ability to digest glucose and reduce your desire for sugary treats. *
  • Monk Fruit to help satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories.* 
  • Coconut Nectar to feed the healthy gut bacteria in your lower intestine. *
  • Lucuma and mesquite to add sweet caramel-like and nutty flavors without causing blood sugar spikes.* 
  • Himalayan Salt to help balance your pH levels. *

Fighting the urge to binge can be a hard battle. But Cacao Bliss can help manage those urges by helping you stay calm, more focused, and ready to tackle the holiday season! Click the link below to get yours today! *


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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