How Earth Echo Began: A Message From Our Co-Founder, Danette May

How Earth Echo Began: A Message From Our Co-Founder, Danette May

Have you ever had a dream in your heart to start a business or create a product? How about impact the world in a huge way? (Or even a subtle way?) Then this video is for you. 

Watch as Earth Echo’s Co-Founder, Danette May, shares how a deep inner feeling that she needed to share something specific with the world lead to the beginning of an entirely new business. (Hint: what she wanted to share with you so badly has now become our most celebrated product.) 

She also walks us through what it takes to overcome hurdles and obstacles along the way to your dreams and how, when you stay true to your mission, the magic unfolds.

Watch the video below about how Earth Echo began and leave us a comment with your favorite of the 3 tips Danette shares. And if you’d like to taste the product of Danette’s dream for yourself, you can order your own pouch of our healthy chocolate superfood, Cacao Bliss, right here

What Is Earth Echo & How Did It Begin

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Cacao Bliss is a wonderful, innovative product. Beautiful video from a beautiful woman — inside & out. And Earth Echo reflects her innate, natural beauty. Brava Danette! That Craig is a lucky guy.

Kenneth Rowe

I love cacao bliss! So glad you followed your inner voice to create this product!!


This was a beautiful video. Nicely done. I have been drinking Cacao Bliss for over a year now & just gave away some to a couple friends. Was wondering about the new label & packaging. Looks like you are going in the right direction. Thank you.

Kathy McDonald

I ordered a large supply of Caco Bliss
several months ago..
I used it almost every day.. had so much and feeling the wonderful benefits of the product.. I ended up gifting it to others 😊
Both my adult daughters 37 &40 years)
love it..
I would like to order more..but my question is.. Why the pouch?

Jo Herzog

I love my Cacao Bliss and I equally love your values for creating Earth Echo. I healed my body with diet and lifestyle changes 8 years ago and saved my uterus!! I love the solid healthy foundation I have. It beats the old lifestyle hands down! 😍

Ellie Savoy

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