Healthy Slow-Cooker White Chicken Chili Recipe

Healthy Slow-Cooker White Chicken Chili Recipe

Fall is in the air, which means it’s time to get some soup on the stove! And we’ve got the perfect recipe to kick off the unofficial start of Soup Season: Healthy Slow-Cooker White Chicken Chili!

Despite the long ingredient list, this nourishing soup is incredibly simple! All you have to do is toss the ingredients into your slow cooker and let it do the heavy lifting. The result is a cozy, warming meal packed with nutrient-dense ingredients and spiked with a healthy dose of Collagen Peptides. You’re going to love adding Collagen Peptides to soups because it’s such an incredibly easy way to get all the benefits of collagen — from healthy joint support and stronger nails to radiant skin and improved digestion — without altering the flavor of the soup at all! Give the recipe below a try! *

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I love this and super yummy. Crock pot or Instapot is the way to go for me. I’ve gotta go find this on Pinterest so I can save it! Once again, double yum!

Sissy McDaniel

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