Healthy Gluten-Free Swirled Golden Cacao Blondies Recipe

Healthy Gluten-Free Swirled Golden Cacao Blondies Recipe

Sometimes, it’s just too difficult to choose between a brownie and a bar cookie. Luckily, these Swirled Golden Cacao Blondies give you the best of both worlds! With swirls of spiced Golden Superfood Bliss and rich Cacao Bliss, these healthy blondies might be the perfect dessert. 

In addition to being made from ingredients you can feel good about, you get an extra little health boost from the addition of superfoods. The powerful ingredients in Golden Superfood Bliss and Cacao Bliss help nourish your body while soothing occasional stress, boosting natural energy, and curbing pesky cravings. A sweet treat that actually does the body good — what else could you ask for? Give these gluten-free blondies a try and let us know what you think in the comments! *

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I am allergic to almonds, is there another flour I can use?

Judy Savitt

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