Chocolate Mint Cookie Recipe (Pssst! It’s Healthy!)

Chocolate Mint Cookie Recipe (Pssst! It’s Healthy!)

We know you love mint. We know you love chocolate. And we know you love cookies.

But you also love healthy recipes. So what to do?

How about a healthy Chocolate Mint Cookie Recipe?

We promise, this tasty treat isn’t too good to be true. In fact, our Chocolate Mint Cookie recipe features natural sweeteners like pure maple syrup and organic coconut sugar, plus the chocolatey goodness of Cacao Bliss

Since Cacao Bliss contains a host of superfoods like ceremonial-grade cacao, turmeric, and MCT oil, you can feel good that you’re not only getting a delicious treat, you’re also curbing your cravings and setting yourself up for natural energy, mental clarity, and supporting a healthy inflammatory response in the body. *

Let us know if you’ve made these and what you thought. We bet that the next time “cookie season” comes around, you’ll forget any other options exist.

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Easy to make, easy to eat. They’re delicious!


These cookies are to die for. It’s really hard to believe they are healthy. Absolutely sinful.

Patti Singer

can you change the peppermint extract with peppermint oil?

Stacey K

This was the first recipe I tried with my Cocoa Bliss and both me and my significant other love these cookies. Already he wants me to make them again. I won’t argue. I want more too!

Denise McKnight

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