Gut Bacteria Changes With The Seasons: Here’s What You Need to Know

Gut Bacteria Changes With The Seasons: Here’s What You Need to Know

Gut health has been front and center when it comes to one of the most talked-about ways to support optimal wellness, but there’s much more to know than just taking any old probiotic. There’s actually some science to prove that our gut bacteria changes with the seasons, giving us more information about how to optimally support the foundation of our health — the gut. 

Gut Bacteria Changes With The Seasons 

study found that there are, in fact, seasonal variations in the composition of the microbiome. The fluctuations have been linked to dietary changes throughout the year. For example, increased consumption of produce rich in complex carbohydrates during the summer may be the reason for a higher prevalence of Bacteroidetes bacteria, which are bacteria strains that may help with the digestion of these carbs. 

What this tells us is that the body is fully in tune with what it needs based on what hunter and gatherers would have naturally consumed based on what was in season. 

But what does this mean for us today? This proves the body has the innate ability to adapt with each season change, and knowing these findings points us in the right direction of what type of probiotic supplementation we may need. 

If the bacteria in our microbiome is changing throughout the year, then we need to be changing our supplement approach. Doing so will help support the gut with the kinds of bacteria it needs to thrive. And, with the right bacteria strains, we may even help boost the digestion of in-season foods. 

In addition to changes in food consumption throughout the year, there are other environmental factors that change with each season that may affect variations in the gut microbiome — these are things that are yet to be fully understood.

However, a study found that factors like sun exposure, temperature, time spent outdoors, and day length may also have an impact on the microbiome. This gives us more reason to be diligent about giving the gut the tailored support it needs based on the season we are in. 

Supporting Gut Health Year-Round

So, how do we go about giving our gut the support it needs during all seasons of the year? In addition to clean eating, stress-reduction, and regular exercise (all of which play a huge role in digestive support), Earth Echo Probiotics may make a great addition to your supplement routine. 

Formulated with 12 power strains, this probiotic supplement may help you maintain gut health year-round. 

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