Guilt-Free Double Chocolate Bliss Cookie Recipe

Guilt-Free Double Chocolate Bliss Cookie Recipe

Something you’ll never hear us say is “that’s too much chocolate.” In fact, we’re always on the lookout for ways to add more chocolate into our lives. And you can see the delicious proof of that in these Double Chocolate Bliss Cookies.

The only thing that could make a classic chocolate chip cookie better is by making the cookie base chocolatey, too! And that’s exactly what we did. By incorporating Cacao Bliss into the batter, you get a decadent chocolate cookie that’s studded with chunks of dark vegan chocolate in every bite. If this doesn’t satisfy your chocolate cravings, nothing will. 

And the best part? Thanks to wholesome ingredients and a superfood kick from Cacao Bliss, these indulgent cookies are guilt-free! Whip up a batch and see for yourself why we’re obsessed with these Double Chocolate Bliss cookies. And don’t forget to stock up on Cacao Bliss through the link below! 

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