Go For The Gold Every Morning! (Breakfast Recipe Inside)

Go For The Gold Every Morning! (Breakfast Recipe Inside)

Our Earth Echo team members are some of our products’ biggest fans. They don’t just talk about them or promote them — they use and love them! That’s why we’re featuring exclusive, one-of-a-kind recipes created by our team members, right in their own kitchens. 

With just a blender and 4 simple ingredients — including Golden Superfood Bliss, a powerful superfood blend that can help boost your metabolism, manage hunger, combat temporary, exertion related inflammation, and squash occasional emotional eating — you’ve got a delicious breakfast that will help you power through your day.*

Check out Drew’s recipe below and if you don’t have it in your kitchen already, grab a bag of Golden Superfood Bliss. Your own Golden Start Breakfast awaits. 

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Love the Golden Bliss. I never thought a turmeric blend could be so delicious. It satisfies my sweet tooth and relaxes me.

Dawn Jezowski

Good Morning beautiful peeps! I begin my day with a scoop of your collagen, a scoop of Golden, and a scoop of Cacao!
All three are amazing to begin my day! I use it in my smoothies mid day! And sprinkle on yogurt!
It’s part of my routine!! Period!💙

Theresa Calhoun

Great products.

Pamela Gould

I haven’t tried the Golden Bliss yet, but am excited to have a chance to win so I can try it.

Sheila Lande

I’ve tried the Golden Bliss twice now. I ABSOLUTELY love it! Each time I had the best sleep ever! A little nervous to try it for breakfast, don’t want to fall asleep at work!

Michele McIntyre

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