Gluten-Free Paleo Collagen "Cornbread" Recipe

Gluten-Free Paleo Collagen "Cornbread" Recipe

Cold weather means it’s soup season. And what’s the perfect side dish for soup? Cornbread! This Paleo Collagen "Cornbread" is completely grain-free, gluten-free, and made with healthier ingredients. It's so good, you won't even miss the cornmeal! It’s great alongside your favorite soup recipe or eaten as a healthy snack all on its own.

In addition to being made with wholesome ingredients, this recipe includes a healthy dose of Collagen Peptides. The beauty of Collagen Peptides is that they are flavorless and dissolve completely. So you can easily add them to just about any recipe and enjoy all the joint, hair, nail, and gut support without altering the taste. This healthy cornbread recipe is a great, unexpected way to get more of this nourishing clean protein into your diet. *

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I can’t wait to make this recipe, thank you!

Susie Jones

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