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Give (And Receive) The Gift of Bliss

Give (And Receive) The Gift of Bliss

There’s no question Cacao Bliss is one of our most popular products. After all, everyone loves chocolate, right? Even better when it’s chocolate made from ceremonial-grade raw cacao and infused with 7 potent and delicious superfoods!

While Cacao Bliss is easy to grab in orders from a single pouch all the way up to a Family Pack of 5 pouches, we’re always considering ways to make experiencing our products even more enjoyable. So it’s with great pleasure we announce our brand-new Cacao Bliss Box.

The gorgeous and exclusive Cacao Bliss Box is the VERY best way to enjoy Cacao Bliss — it’s the full experience! 

What’s Inside?

Get ready to unbox your bliss! The Cacao Bliss Box includes almost everything you need (just add liquid) to enjoy that perfect first sip and take your love for Cacao Bliss to a new level. All of the accessories are of the highest quality and offer you the chance to turn your daily mug of Cacao Bliss into a beautiful, centering ritual.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 1 full-sized pouch of Cacao Bliss                          
  • 1 ceremonial mug
  • 1 ceramic container with bamboo lid 
  • 1 bamboo scoop
  • 1 frother
  • 1 soft-cover Cacao Lover’s Cookbook

Everything comes packaged in this high-end box which is PERFECT for gift-giving.


Pure Bliss, Delivered

This gorgeous box of pure bliss is highly giftable for any occasion — the holidays are creeping up quickly and now’s the perfect time to think ahead. Of course, you can also give the gift of Cacao Bliss to yourself as an expression of self-love that supports your best health. We definitely support that! And the Cacao Bliss Box can be sent to any shipping address in the United States. How wonderful would it be to open your door and see THIS on the threshold?

There are a couple of ordering options available to you at checkout — choose the one that best fits your needs and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’re so excited for you to enjoy the FULL Bliss Experience with this exclusive Cacao Bliss Box. We have only a limited number of boxes available, so grab yours before they’re gone.


Bliss On!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1 Response

Alice Greenspoon

Alice Greenspoon

September 16, 2020

Love my Bliss. I love how it starts my morning off!

Bought the packets to Give to friends as gifts. It a great way to get your let your friends try it.

Just put a few in a mug…they loved it.

Just starting to explore the recipes. Love this product!

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