Delicious Joint Supporting Apple Berry Collagen Smoothie

Delicious Joint Supporting Apple Berry Collagen Smoothie

This Apple Berry Collagen Smoothie is bound to be your new favorite way to refuel after your crisp fall morning jog. Made with Collagen Peptides to give your muscles and joints some added support after a workout. This smoothie only takes five minutes to prep and is made with only a handful of the best, most wholesome fall-inspired ingredients. 

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I’m an avid user of Earth Echo products and a member of Danette’s other programs- FitRise and Premium Coaching. She has brought me my best quality of life.

Heidi Skok

I struggled with unhealthy eating for YEARS because I didn’t like the taste of healthy foods. Every time I tried to change my eating habits it lasted a month or so, but my choices were so limited that I got tired of it and went back to eating fried foods and sweets. I am so grateful I found Danette May and Earth Echo, you found a way to make eating healthy delicious!! Earth Echo Collagen Peptides is a smoothie saver-I can’t taste it like I could every other protein powder I tried! I started using the Probiotic and the Turmeric/Ginger capsules about a month ago and I can tell they are helping already! My body feels better inside and out 😊!
As great as these products are, my absolute favorites are the Cacao Bliss and the Golden Bliss! For a “sugar-holic” these products mean the difference between eating consistently healthy and going back to old habits. The recipes that come with these are soooo delicious that I don’t miss (and no longer want) the junk! There are so many amazing recipes, it will take a while to try them all, but I am up for that challenge!
I have changed my lifestyle completely since March 2020 and I feel like a new woman-younger, more energetic and just happy, because I know for the first time in my life I am giving my body the healthy fuel it needs! Danette May and Earth Echo products have become must haves, I even take them with me whenever I travel. This lifestyle is my normal now and I am thrilled! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Danette and Earth Echo! ❤

Norma Massmann

Danette I think you are absolutely gorgeous I have been following your Story & I love watching the nature scenes and your pet is also beautiful is it a Labrador ?? I love your Studio and just the way you enjoy nature and life itself and I am ready to make a real change in my life and I am excited to see how the Products can help me because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and multiple Vitamin Deficiencies with a Pacemaker and I also am on an Anticoagulant to prevent Blood Clots due to an Abnormal Cardiac Rhythm called Atrial-Fibrilation as well as Chronic Depression and Insomnia so I will keep in touch with you and your Team from time to time I am about to order some of your products, I am a Believer in our Lord and what you to know that I am a very Prayerful person and feel that Prayer is very POWERFUL !!! SO HALLELUJAH TO YA Danette

Beverly Strickland

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