Decadent & Guilt-free Cacao Bowls

Decadent & Guilt-free Cacao Bowls

If you have a frozen sweet tooth hankering, you need these yummy cacao bowls in your life. Made with wholesome ingredients, you can whip up this superfood bowl in less than five minutes.

Featuring Cacao Bliss, this decadent bowl is packed full of:

  • Healthy inflammatory support properties*
  • Mood-boosting ingredients*
  • Energizing food ingredients* 

Check out the recipe below to blend up this delicious and guilt-free treat. 

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This Cacao Bliss bowl looks so delicious! Great tasting and healthy, what more could you ask for. Plan to try this recipe today!

Lisa Louden

This looks so yummy & easy to make. Can’t wait to try. Thank you!

Nancy D.

I love Cacao Bliss every morning in my coffee. Anxious for new recipes to try. Thanks for an exceptional product.

Susan Welch

Well this looks delicious!

Susie Mason

I would love to win! I always wanted to try it!! I hope I’m the lucky one!!


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