Boost Your Wellness With This Quick and Easy Immunity Bomb Recipe

Boost Your Wellness With This Quick and Easy Immunity Bomb Recipe

If you had the chance to spread an immunity bomb far and wide (along with some extra love and healing vibes), you’d do it in a second, wouldn’t you?

Us, too!

All the seasonal challenges we face each year challenge our health and have us all searching for ways to boost our immunity. And while we may not be able to create worldwide wellness in one fell swoop, we can at least start at home with ourselves and our loved ones.

In just a few minutes — and with just a handful of ingredients — you can whip up this Immunity Bomb for an incredible shot of health benefits. Even better? This drink can be downed in just a couple of swallows.

Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Turmeric and black pepper — The curcumin in turmeric is a strong antioxidant with unique properties to support and maintain healthy immune system function. The piperine in black pepper may help boost absorption of the curcumin. 
  2. Ginger — Ginger has strong healthy inflammatory support and antioxidant effects to help support immune health. * 
  3. Citrus fruits — Lemons and oranges are, of course, loaded with the  immunity powerhouse vitamin C, but they’re also rich in plant compounds that have healthy inflammation supporting and antioxidant effects.*

Check out the recipe below!

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You are right, not the tastiest thing to drink but you can tell that it’s extremely good for you!!! Thank you for your wonderful health BOMB!!! Will be sending to all of the people that I love!! So appreciated!!

Toni Miller

I think I will add a squirt of stevia to make it more palitable

Nancy Wolf

Thank you for this great information much appreciated!

Holly Stoney

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