“Are They Really Worth It?” Your Supplement Questions, Answered

“Are They Really Worth It?” Your Supplement Questions, Answered

Taking supplements to support optimal health seems like a pretty straightforward concept. But trying to choose from the thousands of different supplements making thousands of different claims can feel overwhelming, to say the least. All of this information overload makes it hard to understand what supplements are high quality, worth the investment, and will actually make a positive impact on your health. Which is why our co-founders decided to make a quick video answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Earth Echo supplements and provide some insight on how and why they use them personally. 

In the video below, Danette and Craig will answer:

  • Why they personally take supplements.
  • Why they chose the combo of Turmeric+Ginger.
  • Who can benefit from taking a Probiotic and why.
  • How people benefit from taking Collagen.
  • What makes Earth Echo’s supplements different. (This is a BIG one!)
  • Who should consider taking supplements.

Check out the video!

Your Supplement Questions, Answered

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They are absolutely worth every cent!! I take the turmeric and ginger, the probiotic, and the collagen supplements. I also enjoy Cacao Bliss and Golden Super Food Bliss. The probiotic has practically eliminated my IBS. I can’t believe the level of energy I have, even after a late night! I have no doubt these products have not only kept me well this winter but I there is a difference in my overall health and how good I feel. I was at my doctor’s appointment last week, and when I was asked how I have been feeling, I said “Fabulous!” I don’t remember ever saying that before to my doctor. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these wonderful products and keeping me healthy!

Patti Hines

I use and love all Earth Echo supplements!
I just started using the turmeric and ginger and I’m a few capsules away from finishing the first bottle , I noticed such a difference in how I feel when I wake up in the morning. My ankles are not swollen I have more energy. I have vasculitis which is an autoimmune disease that effects the small blood vessels and sometimes the swelling hurts. The best thing for me is to live a life of eating an anti-inflammatory diet and Earth Echo products help me to do that. Thank you for creating a product that is sourced from the highest quality products.

Barbara Aloe

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